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Ichi-Ban Boshi

  • Ichi-ban Boshi - Japanese Noodle Shop
    Ichi-ban Boshi - Japanese Noodle Shop




  • Date Visited: 8th of March, 2018
  • Order: Ebi-don, Unagi Taster, Sparkling Water
  • Final bill: $35.00 AUD



Crowded, big queue and seats are always filled. This is a very popular spot for lunch goers and ramen lovers. Although it is an open space located in The Galleries in Town Hall, the shop is busy enough to still generate enough sound to resonate across the hall.

Between the chatter and sounds of chopsticks and utensils clanking with the bowl as customers enjoy their tasty food, you can also hear the audible sound of pots and pans coming from the kitchen as you wait in the queue ready to be served.




As mentioned, this is quite the popular spot and I do recommend avoiding peak period, lunchtime or the 6-7pm dinner time. You could be waiting for 20 to 30 minutes to be seated if you are lucky. Otherwise, generally, a good 10 to 15-minute wait on off-peak hours.

Once seated, you are promptly presented with the menu where you can make your order and be served in 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how busy the kitchen is. You can expect to be greeted and staff to be very polite in their service.

Ichi-ban Boshi - Japanese Noodle Shop




Nothing out the ordinary here with the traditional Japanese style lacquered wooden bowl and box. Provides an authentic feel and I really like the fact that they both have a lid to keep the heat inside and allows the customer to experience the opening experience.

As I opened the unagi taster box, there is a sweet aroma of the caramelized pieces of eel. As you uncover it more the light shining on each piece of eel makes it extremely enticing.



Similarly, uncovering of the ebi-don was extremely satisfying. You are presented with a bowl packed with ingredients and immediately you can be happy with the large pieces of tempura prawns infused with eggs sitting on top of what looks to be firm glistening white rice. To add some extra flavours and colours, the pickles definitely did their job to complete the bowl.





Unfortunately, I find that just having the Ebi-don alone by itself is just not satisfying enough, this is just my personal opinion. I have always loved the Unagi don’s in Japanese restaurants and seem to be divided in the choice between the ebi-don and unagi-don’s. This is why I have invented my own style of ordering everytime I hit up Ichi-ban Boshi for lunch.

I find it extremely satisfying to have the unagi tasters and throw it on top of the Ebi-don. The sauce from the Unagi taster really compliments extremely well with the soft rice and egg in the Ebi-don. Not only that but it also boosts the texture and flavour offered from the prawns bringing an extremely sweet note to the dish. This along with the portion of sour pickled veggies to cut through the fatty and sweetness of the grilled unagi. For me there is no better combination.

@Ichi-ban Boshi, if you are reading this, I strongly believe that this should be a choice on the menu!

Ichi-ban Boshi - Custom meal



As mentioned above, my order is quite specific and requires two items on the menu to create. This creates an unnecessary increase in price. Otherwise, if you look at the items individually, for a meal in the city of this quality and quantity, it is not too bad.

You can easily find lunch with the average price of around $15-16 which is normal for eating in the city, especially in the centre of Sydney city.



I have been back to this spot more than I can remember, so I definitely believe that it is worth recommending to others. Whether it be for lunch or dinner with friends or just by yourself. Just keep in mind of the queue wait time!



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