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Baby Rey’s Burgers

  • Baby Rey's Burgers queue
    Baby Rey's Burgers queue

Menu: Burgers are different each week. Check their Facebook for a burger of the week.



  • Date Visited: 14th of July, 2017
  • Order: Burgers tasted so far; Cheesegasm, El Diablo, Bae-con, Wild West, Truffle
  • Final bill: Price varies depending on your add-ons. The base burger is $11 AUD
  • Locations: Bankstown or Dulwich Hill



So this is anything but fancy at Baby Rey’s Burgers! As any food truck would have it, milk cartons and a nice outdoor speaker pumping out tunes from a device. Everything is casual and low key with milk crates placed around the ground.

You got people who just finished work, in their PJs and even gym junkies in their workout attire! Everyone is chatty and the music fills the air to keep things interesting as you watch through the food truck window how magic is created.

Baby Rey's Burgers queue



As any food truck would be, you queue up, place your order and wait for your name to be called out. Water and drinks are self-service and there are bins placed for you to clean up after yourselves. The staff are always happy and smiling ready to take your order.

In the busy period, you can wait up to 5-10 minutes in the queue. Once the order is made, it is generally fast to get your burger to be made, another 5-10 minutes or so.

Baby Rey's Burgers staff

Image is taken from Baby Rey’s Facebook.




Let’s start with packaging, very old school and classic cardboard burger box. The burger is usually wrapped around by aluminium foil to keep the burger warm and makes it easier to eat without making a mess. If you order a shake, it will be delivered in a nice branded plastic cup.

As for the build of the burger, it is always nicely presented and the ingredients are evenly distributed to create a masterpiece that is mouth watering at first look!




This is where Baby Rey’s Burgers got it right! The taste of each burger is absolutely unique and stunning. Obviously, it comes down to personal preferences, however, you will definitely find a burger that will zap your taste buds!  As I have been to Baby Rey’s Burgers multiple time, I will provide an overview of each burger and you can decide which is right for you.

Cheesegasm, where do I begin with this one! You know it’s a good cheeseburger when, after you eat, you have that meaty cheesy feel in your throat and your finger smells of pickles. Patties were perfectly cooked, juicy, and the right size even with the double patty. The cheese was creamy, gooey, like a blanket wrapped around the patty. The sauce had nice pickle mayo taste. And the pickles and onion were crunchy and fresh. To top this you also have the luxurious brioche bun!

Image taken from Baby Rey’s Facbeook


El Diablo, hand pressed beef, double American cheddar, diced tomato and onion, crumbed onion rings, jalapeño, and house blended chipotle! It tastes as crazy as it sounds, it will definitely put a zing on your taste bud. Juicy patty and thick melted cheese layered with amazing ingredients that bring different aromas to your senses. The crumbed onion rings bring crunch to the game and bite back with some acidity that cuts through the fat of this monstrous burger!

Image taken from Baby Rey’s Facbeook


If you think that nothing can beat the Cheesegasm, then boy are you wrong! Introducing the bigger brother that comes with a strong punch, “BAE-CON” – Bourbon and Maple Bacon Jam! on top of Hand-Pressed Beef, Double American Cheddar, in-house sweet and spicy pickles, secret sauce, topped with a brioche bun. How does it taste you ask? Absolutely stunning! The maple bacon really changes the game from the Cheesgasm and brings a blissful sweet note to the burger, which brings you both dessert and savoury in the same bite. It is not like there is only a piece of maple bacon here and there, oh no, it is evenly distributed so you can enjoy that bacon in the same bite. This is truly something you need to experience yourself to understand.

Baby Rey's Burgers BAE-CON


The Wild West burger brings you Beef Patty, melted Havati Cheese, in-house smokey BBQ, grilled onions, wild rocket and crinkle cut BBQ chips! You better watch out for the guns, cause they’ll get ya! At first, I thought, how can chips play in a burger like this with so much going on, but it just works. The chips complement well with the overall taste of the burger and add a crispy texture to the experience. The rocket keeps things fresh and making every bite more bearable and allowing you to want more without that sick feeling. Once you take a bite it feels like there is a party in your mouth and guns are blazing!

Baby Rey's Burgers Wild West


Donald Truff burger is Baby Rey’s Burgers play on the politically incorrect, and racial president. Consisting of house blend of truffle aioli, on top of hand pressed beef, melted swiss-cheese, onion jam and baby spinach. If you love truffle things then be on the lookout for the Donald Truff. The sauce is creamy and filled with truffle aroma’s which will definitely remind you of its presence every time you burp afterwards! I would recommend taking double patty on this to even balance out the taste of the sauce, however, single patty would be best for those who love the creamy fat taste. Patty continues to be plumped and juicy which works extremely well with the amazing brioche bun.



Considering the options you have on the west side of Sydney, it is definitely convenient and saves you the petrol money. The prices are fair and take into consideration of the geographical demographics, if this was in the city you can find yourself paying anywhere between $18-20 AUD for the burger.

The quality of the burger and ingredients along with the amazing brioche buns that it’s served on, for $11 AUD is an absolute steal!



Considering that I have been back to Baby Rey’s Burgers multiple times, definite yes on the recommendation. Be warned, this will not go well with your weight and may cause you to have guilty feelings for days, but it is worth every bite! Great place to go after work on a Friday or just to hang out with friends. Everyone is happy and chilled enjoying their burger without a care in the world.



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