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Ristretto & Co.

  • Ristretto & Co Brunch Bacon and egg, eggs benedict and corn and zucchini frita to start your day
    Ristretto & Co

Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Drinks



  • Date Visited: 16th of July, 2017
  • Order: 3 courses – Eggs Benedict, Cappuccino
  • Final bill: $22.5 AUD



In the heart of Liverpool on Northumberland street, you can find a small shop front with a coffee station and a narrow walkway to the back of the shop. Don’t be fooled by the front exterior!

Walking through to the back you can find a large outdoor garden-style setup with a rustic feel. We were unlucky to find ourselves just before lunchtime (11:30 pm) where everyone was out getting their brunch on. It was packed and filled with an energetic vibe from the courtyard all the way to the queue at the shop front.

The kitchen was a food truck-style situated in the far back of the courtyard where everyone can view the chef’s cooking away. Around the courtyard, there were potted plants scattered around and hanging from the ceiling giving colour and natural vibe to the overall ambience of the place.

Image taken from Ristretto & Co Facebook



Although it was busy, I was surprised to find the waiters were very accommodating. Sure, there was 15-20 minutes wait for our table but once we were seated, there was no delay at all. Within minutes of being seated, we were given the menu and asked if we required some refreshments for the table whilst deciding on our food.

The waiters were very efficient and we could see that there was a good ratio of table per waiter to ensure that the orders were taken promptly and the food was expedited without delay. The waiters were all happy to greet us with a smile and you can sense this vibe of enthusiasm in through their personality.

From the time we sat down to paying the bill, the overall experience took around 35 minutes. If you include the queue time, then you should expect to spend 1 hour during peak time to enjoy this experience.

Image taken from Ristretto & Co Facebook




Looking around and seeing all the different plates which come out, you can straight away see there is a vibrant presentation to their food, similar to their ambience and service attitude. Each plate has a colourful pattern and the choice of plate contrasts very well with the food which is presented on the plate. This goes very well with the solid hardwood table tops and the rustic decors that give a very homey comforting feeling.

On each of the plate which was brought out, you can not find any sauces or crumbs sitting on the plate that is out of line. Everything is placed carefully and centred beautifully on creating the perfect scene.


Playing it safe as it was the first time having food here, I decided to go for the eggs benny with smoked salmon and a cappuccino.

Eggs benny was a simple but yet, not everyone can do the sauce right or either overcooking/undercooking the eggs. The yoke of Ristretto and Co. was perfectly runny and the hollandaise sauce was creamy that it matches very well with the yoke. I did find the smoked salmon was a bit on the salty side which did not help as the hollandaise sauce lacked a bit of lemon juice to cut through. Other than that, the asparagus and fresh kale helped bring back a bit of balance to the dish.



Although the price may seem pretty common compared to many places, however, this is how much you would pay for eggs benny in the city. Being in Liverpool further out west, I would say taking off 2-3 dollars of the item would be more appropriate. But with that being said, not considering the location and just looking at the ambience and food quality, for the fresh ingredients and popularity of the place, then yes there is value in the food to price ratio.

It is definitely hard to find a good place in the west which produce such good quality, so sure it is a bit more pricey than your average cafe’s in the west. But for a change of taste and different experience, it is worth splurging a dollar or two extra.



I would definitely come back to this place with family and friends. I have many times looked at the south-west areas for a good breakfast/lunch place and there are only a few that comes up. Unless you are willing to travel all the way towards north near Silverwater or further down the Hume Highway towards Ashfield area, then Ristretto and Co is your next best bet. There were a few items on the menu which looks interesting and would love to try out.

Perfect place for a weekend breakfast/lunch with your loved ones and perhaps do a little shopping at Liverpool Westfield afterwards!



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