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  • Date Visited: 20th of January, 2018
  • Order: Roasted Mushrooms, Baked Eggs – Deux, Cold Drip
  • Final bill: $43.50 AUD



Anyone who is a brunch fan should know about Hardware Lane in Melbourne. Once you are there, it is hard but to take notice of the long line against The Hardware Societe, no matter what time of the day it is!



In fact, the cafe is so busy that they have two shops opposite each other to cater to the demands. That is right, they own two shops in hardware lane serving the almost the same menu (due to the kitchen size menu is slightly different in the second shop). The cafe is always bustling with people coming in and out and continuous chatter as people enjoy their amazing meal!




If you want to enjoy the amazing food at The Hardware Societe, you have to be prepared to wait. I was unfortunate enough to be on a very long line and waited for over 20 minutes to be seated. However, it definitely was worth the wait!

Once seated, you are waited on and orders are taken promptly with the waiter/waitress happy to help you out on choosing your poison, not literal meaning of course! The food did take some time but it was expected due to how busy the business is, expect anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes to have your food from the time of order.


Hardware Societe




Clean, pristine and elegant is what I would describe the delivery of The Hardware Societe’s presentation. Simplicity is the key with white plates, milk pourer and even sugar holders. The cold drip was served on a wooden paddle board with a nice tray sheet neatly designed with a snowflake-like pattern.


Hardware Societe Cold Brew

Baked eggs were delivered in a darker wooden board with the meal served in a ceramic pot, along with couple slices of bread drizzled lightly with olive oil. Visually appetizing and very cleanly plated as to ensure that the baked eggs were the main attraction on the board.

Last but not least the roasted mushrooms! Large portobello mushrooms served along with some green, toasts and puree. The plate was white which contrasted very well with the earthy colours delivered by the ingredients. The plate definitely highlighted and helped draws the eye to the centre of the plate which was the main attraction!


Hardware Societe Top View



Many people have raved about the amazing baked eggs at The Hardware Societe and I can see why, as it was creamy and blasting with flavours and textures, especially the chorizo sausage adding a slight hit to the palate. The eggs were done perfectly and the overall flavour was well balanced out by the flakey broken down potato and toasted almonds. Definitely, one of the better baked eggs I have had, however, for me this was not the highlight of my meal.


Hardware Societe Baked Eggs

Roasted mushrooms were what left a good impression on me. Not only were the mushrooms big and juicy, it was cooked perfectly with just a slight toasted outer layer. The butternut pumpkin puree was silky smooth and really helped highlight the sweet flavour of the dish, which worked very well to bring out the sweetness of the mushroom. Adding on top was the various textures and flavours from the slated ricotta, pumpkin seeds, crispy kale and truffle oil, topped off with the amazing poached eggs. It was an absolute stunner of a dish and really delivers the good morning greeting to your senses!

Hardware Societe Roasted Mushrooms




Being in the CBD of Melbourne and meeting the demands of customers for their quality services and food, it is no doubt that the items on the menu come with a premium. However, they definitely made every cent count with the generous servings and quality of ingredients. You do not feel cheated or that they cut corners as you enjoy their tasty treats.

The prices are fair perhaps only one or two dollars more than other cafe’s but then again it just won’t be the same!



One hundred percent I would recommend this to all my family and friends. It is an experience and something you should do if you are in Melbourne. Not only was the food great, the ambience and even standing around in the queue added an experience which makes Hardware Lane an unforgetable brunch destination.



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