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Kaffeine & Co

  • Kaffeine & Co - Yagoona
    Kaffeine & Co - Yagoona



  • Date Visited: 2nd of December, 2017
  • Order: Mushroom Burger and Crumbed Calamari Rings
  • Final bill: $32.50 AUD



It was exciting to see Yagoona finally having a place for foodies to check out. Personally an ex-resident of Yagoona, I always felt that there was potential for a nice cafe in the area, especially in the corner store area on Dargon Street.

Probably the best thing you will find in Yagoona today in terms of gourmet cafe’s. Nicely located in the corner which is easily visible by passers by, it offers a rustic and industrial charm which you would find in the top end cafe’s.



You can find nice potted plants on the table and bronze colored cutlery held in tin patterned cans that really completes the industrial look and feel. One of the main attraction which you will find is the water tap which is a working water pump for customers to use, which is a lot of fun!




Luckily for us it was an easy going Sunday morning with not that many customers. I actually did not expect it to be that crowded as the cafe is new and only opened a few months ago, but the service was on point. As we entered, we were greeted by the waitress and was seated immediately and ready for the order to be taken.

From the time we placed the order to the time the food came out was less than 15 minutes which is perfectly fine for a quiet morning.




Nothing to flaw on the food presentation. It followed through with the grey shade theme of the table and offering the rustic/industrial look. The plates had a nice waved edge design with tactile pattern to help with the food visual. The crumbed calamari on the leafy green salad was a nice contrast to the grey theme.

As for the burger, delivered in a tin bowl with chips in a steel cage cradle matched very well with the cutlery set and holder. The newspaper like tray paper liners also provided a bespoke personality. The burger itself was put together and held well without any falling apart during service.


Kaffeine & Co - Top View



The calamari rings were fresh and crumbed perfectly, personally, I thought it could have been a bit lighter on the batter, otherwise nicely rounded taste. The salad helped balanced out the dish as the sauce was pretty thick and required a bit of zest to cut through the rich taste.

As for the burger, it tasted very well and the portobello mushroom was strong in flavor and very juicy. The sauce was not overpowering and had the right amount with plenty of alfalfa’s and rocket to provide more earthy texture.

The burger was definitely providing a fresh, healthy perspective and a good change from all the meat burger every now and then. One thing that I did mention to the waitress was that the bun although was toasted nicely, was ruined by the juices of the mushrooms causing it to become soggy. As we all appreciate, soggy bun on a burger does not really go well together.

The chips were nice thick cuts and fried evenly without a lot of oily residue and not over seasoned, which I personally like.


Kaffeine & Co - Mushroom Burger



Yagoona is not a very high end area but it is developing. The price reflects this pretty well and fairly priced so that it is affordable but yet does tell the customers that this is not just your average cafe!

Most of the main items on the menu is priced approximately $15-17 which is expected of most cafe’s. The servings was fair although would have preferred to see one or two more on the calamari rings for that price.



Would I come back to here again if I was in the area? Yes!

Considering that this is still early adaption in Yagoona and even in surrounding areas such as Condell Park and Georges Hall, there is definitely potential and room to grow through experience and feedback. I would not be surprised if we see Kaffeine & Co become very busy in the near future.




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