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  • Guzzle Entrance
    Guzzle Entrance




  • Date Visited: 24th of July, 2017
  • Order: Haloumi Stack and Cappuccino
  • Final bill: $17 AUD



Guzzle is fairly new cafe around Wynyard, previously shop was actually called Bunny Cafe. Inside is a small cozy cafe with nice timbered table top and chairs matching the timbered benchtop as well. With all the plants situated around the shop, you can’t help but feel refreshed and relaxed as you walk into Guzzle.

There is amazing artwork painted on the walls bringing life and personality into the cafe, I believe the term is very hip. During the peak period, you can definitely find yourself waiting in the queue and hear chatter amongst the guests. However, if you just avoid these busy period, you can find yourself enjoying a nice morning breakfast without a bother in the world.

Guzzle inside



You cannot help but feel that Guzzle staff are more like family members. The way they interact amongst themselves but also with customers on a daily basis. I am fortunate enough to work close by so Guzzle is my go-to place for morning breakfast, where I feel greeted by a familiar face every time – I am talking about you, Yusuke Tajima!

The staffs are always cheerful and energetic, always ready to take your order. Also, if you are in a hurry, you can always use Hey You! to order on the go breakfast or coffee.

Guzzle Coffee Barista




When you eat in or take away, the presentation is nothing short of colour to brighten up your morning. From the colourful mug to patterned plates, you will find yourself admiring the quality of fine china used in the cafe.

The sandwiches to the wraps all have a feel of fresh ingredients picked straight from the garden adding life to your dish.

Guzzle Cappuccino Top View



The haloumi stack is nothing less than impressive. A Generous amount of not only avocado but the thick cut of grilled haloumi that demands your attention on the first bite! As for the rocket, tomato and pesto keeping your taste bud feeling fresh and not get sick of the halloumi. The Avocado compliments the haloumi very well and adds a nice creaminess to the overall dish and reducing the dry feeling created from the toast. The poached egg was perfectly formed with the yoke smooth and runny on the inside offering a nice texture on top of the overall taste.

As for the cappuccino, it is always made perfectly and as should be for any customer who is trying to wake up from their morning slumber!

Guzzle Haloumi Stack



As any cafe in the city, you would expect to pay anywhere between $15-20 AUD for a morning meal with coffee. Considering Guzzle is in the heart of Sydney and serving such a generous amount, there is definitely value to be found on their menu!



I am a regular a Guzzle and definitely recommend anyone around Wynyard to try out their breakfast menu as it will wake you up and keep you going until lunch without a problem! They also offer wifi, so you can enjoy your morning breakfast whilst catching up on your morning e-mail.



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