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Ramen Zundo

  • Walking to Ramen Zundo
    Walking to Ramen Zundo




  • Date Visited: 26th of July, 2017
  • Order: Rich Zuno Black
  • Final bill: $13.90 AUD



Surprisingly, ramen is not a scarce commodity in Sydney CBD. If you search on Google, you can find at least one or two places close by. Ramen Zundo in World Square Sydney is a strong competitor in the world of ramen in Sydney.

As you stand in front of the shop, you feel like being teleported to a different country. With the wooden plaque, display lantern, wooden decor, and colour scheme, it reminds you of the ramen shops seen in Japan.



As you can see from the above clip, even though it was after lunch peak hour (1 pm), you can find Ramen Zundo jam-packed with customers.



When we arrived, there was already a large queue and all the tables were filled with customers. The waitresses were very accommodating, after asking us how many people in our group, they asked some of the single customers to other one seated tables. Once the order was made, the food was pretty fast and arrived at our table within 10-15 minutes.


Ramen Zundo Ordering


As I observed, the waitresses were very efficient in their activities and keeping tables clean and tidy for new customers to be seated.


Ramen Zundo Kitchen




Assembly of the ramen was fairly simple, as you would expect to see in a ramen bowl. Served in a decent sized tenmoku bowl (this is a type of Japanese porcelain bowl that originates from Chinese Jian ware), layered with broth, ramen noodles, meat, a sheet of nori, and chopped spring onion. In this specific bowl of ramen, you will find that the broth is thick with a thin layer of black garlic oil drizzled on top which creates a dense look and texture.



To be recommended by everyone, Ramen Zundo definitely lived up to its expectations. The broth was full bodied rich broth, as advertised on their menu, boiled for over 12 hours! It is pretty much your tonkatsu ramen but a bit lighter, this is perfect for those who want all the flavours but can’t take the very dense broth, like the tonkatsu ramen served at Gumshara’s.

The noodles were nice and stringy with the right amount of width and thickness to soak up the nice thick broth. As you eat the noodle you can definitely taste the smooth silky strands, which are nice and chewy, but at the same time still easily cut off without causing a mess.

Now for the broth itself, you can definitely taste that pork bone marrow that has broken down and heightens the umami taste. The salt was well balanced with the garlic oil which gives off a light bitterness to cut through the rich broth. The pork cuts were tender and melt in your mouth.

Definitely a great meal for winter or when you need a pick-me-up.


Ramen Zundo Close up



Ramen’s in the city share a common average price ranging from $10.50 to $16 AUD depending on the location and ramen type. For $13.90 AUD Ramen Zundo definitely provided a decent feed which is both comforting and can keep you full for a decent amount of time. The price was average and even if they put up the price by a dollar or so, it still would be viable.



If I was working closer to World Square, there is a good chance I would be visiting Ramen Zundo more frequently. I would definitely recommend ramen lovers to come and try out this shop, perfect for a team lunch if you go at the right time and avoid the long queue.




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