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Phở mo – Barangaroo

  • Pho Mo Barangaroo
    Pho Mo Barangaroo




  • Date Visited: 7th of August, 2017
  • Order: Special Combination Beef Pho
  • Final bill: $16 AUD



Situated next to the wharves at Barangaroo, Pho Mo brings a very close to authentic Vietnamese Pho in Sydney CBD. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seatings with marble like design table tops and a simple metal framed chair.

The ambience is as you would find around any food court with chattering and people walking around looking for their next meal. I was surprised that we were still able to find seats available during peak hours, but I would recommend going after 1 PM if you do not want to wait around.



I found it was nice to find Vietnamese people taking the order and also the waiter/waitress was also of Vietnamese origin.

The service was fairly quick with the food coming out within 10 minutes of ordering and sitting down. The utensils and tables were clean and kept tidy on the table. As I was looking around, I saw the staff worked efficiently at clearing tables and seating new customers without delay.

Even the manager was very nice and helped out with service when things got busy.


Pho Mo Service




The presentation is as expected in any bowl of pho. The ensemble included pho at the bottom, meat on top, covered with chopped spring onions, thinly sliced onions and filled with thick broth. I would also like to point out that the fat floating on top was an excellent addition as it really gives me that real authentic full-bodied broth feeling.

Besides that, everything was served on a wooden board, similar to a chopping board, and the bowl is served in a classic white with no pattern to really highlight what is inside the bowl.

The herbs and bean sprouts provided were fresh and nicely blanched without bruising the basil leaves.


Pho Mo Lunch Time



As the bowl arrives, you can smell the strong beefy broth with star anise and cinnamon rising from the bowl. The broth was savoury and sweet at the same time which you can really taste the bone marrow flavours extracted from the long cooking process of the broth.

The rare beef and brisket were tender and added generous in its portion. The beef ball was very fragrant of strong beef and pepper which had a nice elastic texture that you find in premium beef balls. The beef tendon was extremely soft and easy to cut or chew.

Lastly, the pho noodles itself were cooked well, keeping the flexibility of the noodle strand and easy to break off with just using your tongue.


Pho Mo Special Combination Beef



$16 AUD is not expensive as you would expect for a good bowl of pho located in the CBD. However, Pho Mo managed to provide a quality authentic bowl of pho without sacrificing much of the amazing taste and flavour.



Overall, I would strongly recommend anyone who is a crazy pho fanatic to give Pho Mo at Barangaroo a try. It is now my number one place to go for proper pho when working in the city.

I would even be bold as to say that it is very close to the taste of Pho An in Bankstown which is one of my favourite pho restaurant in Sydney.




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