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Gânache Chocolate

  • Ganache Chocolate - Easter Time
    Ganache Chocolate - Easter Time



  • Date Visited: 16th of March, 2018
  • Order: Raspberry Vanilla Splice, Fifth Avenue Slice, Brownie Mousse Slice, Passionfruit & Mango Slice
  • Final bill: $34.20 AUD



As my friend and I walked through the streets of Melbourne, trying to find our dessert destination, I thought of Lindt cafe and wish there was one right now. Well fortunately for us, we found Gânache Chocolate! After being here, I have blown away and it has ruined Lindt for me.

On a fairly quiet street, or perhaps it was just a quiet night, presents a nice chocolate cafe filled with delicious treats. As you walk into the shop, you are overwhelmed by the immense chocolate and pastry displays. The room is fairly lit up and everything is furnished with a nice wooden finish, almost visually makes you feel like everything is chocolate in this cafe!

The cafe does not host many tables, but this is how it provides a nice cozy feeling inside the cafe and really allows the people to be immersed in the world of chocolate. The table was off-white and had marble like patterns to contrast with the wooden timber finish of the cupboards.




Since it is a small cafe design, there were enough staff members to cater to the customers, they were definitely on point. As you walked in you are greeted with a warm smile and seated ready to place your order. You did not get a sense of rush or urgency to make your order and there was plenty of space provided for you to decide from their vast choices of pastry and chocolates.

Once the order was made, it did not take long for the service to the table, approximately 10 to 12 minutes. Additionally, if you had any questions or wanted to try out any of the gelato’s, they were happy to assist.


Ganache Chocolate Inside



The cafe followed a simple white porcelain china to really allow the vibrant colours shine on their pastries. When looking at the desserts laid out on the table, you are drawn immediately to the bright white plates and the colourful treats sitting on each plate. Very simple, yet satisfying!

One of my most favourite presentations was the Fifth Avenue Slice which was presented on a small golden slate, there were chocolate sheets decorating on the edges creating a thin wall of chocolate around the vibrant raspberry custard layer.





Now for the exciting part! Overall, AMAZING taste. Every item was absolutely stunning and had a personality of its own. Even eating 3 pastries at the same time, at no point did I feel that one was the same as the other or overpowering one another. They were all unique and the taste shined through each bite.

First and foremost, my absolute favourite and did not realise it existed until I visited Gânache Chocolate, Raspberry Vanilla Splice affogato. So instead of your normal coffee, you are presented with a yoghurty raspberry flavoured drink which is then poured onto the creamy vanilla gelato. After having Korean BBQ, this really helped me freshen up the palate and clear out any greasy leftover taste from the BBQ. Each spoon was heavenly and simply brings excitement to the mouth. Almost sending shockwaves of flavour into your mouth to wake it up from its slumber.



The second item I took a bite of was Fifth Avenue Slice. I honestly did not know what to expect inside the outer layer of raspberry custard. However, as you slice through, you can see the delicate attention put into this piece with the thick chocolate mousse hidden inside. The pastry itself was very thick and creamy, very easy to slice through with little to no effort using a spoon. The chocolate mousse was not too sweet or bitter, just the right amount of both flavours, which helps highlight the sweet raspberry coating and keeping everything in harmonious balance. As I explored further into the centre, I noticed a slight crunch with the chocolate mousse, little did I know that it was the chocolate sponge awaiting on the inside! It really helped complete the pastry and helped add such an exciting texture to the already amazing item.



Although not as vibrant and blinged up as the Fifth Avenue slice, the Brownie Mousse slice did not fall short on taste and texture neither. The rich chocolate sponge was amazingly layered with mousse and topped with dark chocolate glaze and apparently garnished with 23-carat gold leaf, not a lot just enough to see the gold leaf. It was thick, creamy and really had a lot of depth as you taste all the different layers working together to create the masterpiece. It was not too bitter nor was it too sweet, definitely well balanced and easy to digest. If you have a craving for chocolate, then this is the perfect fix.


Brownie Mousse Slice


Last but not least, the Passionfruit & Mango slice. When looking at this, immediately you are reminded of that bright summer day. The layers were vibrant and really provides many tones of yellow in one pastry. The white chocolate mousse provided a soft sweet taste to the dish but is then balanced with the coconut sponge and cut through with a hint of tangy sour flavour of the passionfruit and mango jelly. As you take a bite it not only provides the fragrant but the taste of summer in a fruit market surrounded by in-season fruits. The taste was refreshing and delicate which livens up the taste bud.


Passionfruit & Mango Slice



I would have to say, no matter what the price was, I would still recommend people to try at least once to have a taste of the amazing pastries in Gânache Chocolate. But the price is not crazy at all! At $9 a piece is normal and for the total amount that I paid, considering how much I have eaten, I am very happy with the overall value of this cafe. Also taking into account of the city rent prices and all other variables, it is definitely a feasible dessert point without blowing out your wallet.



Yes! Yes! Yes! I would definitely recommend everyone to try out Gânache Chocolate, at the very least have their amazing Affogato splice. I was definitely left speechless and would come back to this place for my next chocolate fix!




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