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Bankstown Bites Food Festival

  • Bankstown Bites Food Festival Spanish Cook
    Bankstown Bites Food Festival Spanish Cook





Every year the food festival is organised on Olympic Parade from Greenwood Ave to Chapel Rd in Bankstown. Food stores and promotional stations were located on either side of the road with tables and chairs set up in the middle for everyone to sit down and enjoy their bites!

The event was packed with local people and those in the surrounding suburbs coming to see the multicultural foods available! There was something for everyone, from food to entertainment for children and even live performances to keep things interesting.




Everything was basically self-serve and made to order. Every store was well prepared with staff members ready to take your order with a smile!

Bankstown Bites Food Festival Shop





Nothing beats the nostalgia of fairs and festivals. From the paper plates to the cardboard boxes filled with delicious food arranged in an assortment of shapes and sizes, radiating colours from the sauce, meat, to vegetables. Every item has their own unique attribute and taste waiting to be explored by your senses!


Bankstown Bites Food Festival Food



There were, of course, plenty of food stand to choose from and it was perhaps a bit too much for one man to conquer. It was a matter of getting whatever I can fit in my stomach and enjoy every bit of the journey as I made my way through the various food stand.

Starting with the garlic prawns and chorizo. It was flavoured pack with every bite and had a hint of spice to lighten up your mouth but still kept it bearable so that you are not in tears. The pesto sauce and special chilli sauce added more dimension to the taste and cuts through the saltiness of chorizo extremely well. You could almost have the prawns and chorizo with just the pesto sauce without the need for bread to balance the flavours. If you missed this, don’t worry, they can be found in Chatswood every Thursday, nonother than Mojo Picon!

Bankstown Bites Food Festival Garlic Prawns and Chorizo


If you are a bratwurst and Kransky fan than the German Gourmet Hut Dogs is for you! Offering some classical hot dogs with the German twist.  The cheese Kransky was nice and juicy filled with mouth-watering cheese melts that soften up the salty meat. The caramelized shallot-onion definitely adds to the flavour and aroma of the hot dog, bringing a lovely crunch in every bite.

Bankstown Bites Food Festival German Food


Fancy a tropical lunch? Then the poke and coconut shrimps will take you out of Sydney and straight to Hawaii. The coconut prawns were my favourite with sensational aroma and perfectly layered batter fried to a perfect crisp, add on the coconut water drink and its a match made in heaven! As I have never tasted poke before, it was hard for me to determine whether or not this tastes right, but personally, it did not snap my attention like them coconut fried prawns!

Bankstown Bites Food Festival Poke and Coconut Shrimp


Now, these pocket full of flavours are perfect for carrying around for indulgence whilst you find the next best spot to eat! Fried fish taco, an interesting Korean style rendition of the already popular Mexican dish. You will find amazing flavours of pears, cilantro and citrusy sauce that cuts through the fried batter. Moist, soft and crunchy of not only the batter but the pieces of pear really put a party of flavours in your mouth, yearning for every bite!

Bankstown Bites Food Festival Fish Tacos


You cannot finish your day of food adventure without getting some dessert and what else is better than the classic, pancakes, and ice cream. Soft fluffy pancakes topped with creamy luxurious ice cream, drizzled with thick chocolate topping. This definitely completes the adventure and leaves one man extremely satisfied. The ice cream was so good that I had to go back for a sundae!

Bankstown Bites Food Festival Pancake and Ice Cream



Everyone has been to fairs and festival before, so it is no secret that you will not be leaving the place without emptying your pocket! I was no exception, the whole sequence of event cost me approximately $60-70 AUD which was amazingly cheap considering the amount of food I have eaten. It is normal to find food from $8 AUD all the way to $14 AUD depending on the item.




I would definitely recommend Bankstown food festival next time around for those who have not experienced it. If you want to have a taste of what the festival brings, you can make your way to Chatswood every Thursday to check out their market.

It was an absolute blast to come out and meet the community, take the family out for a nice stroll and stuff yourself with bits and pieces of food from various culture!




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